f you’ve ever been to Japan, you are guaranteed to have seen people standing outside train stations giving out leaflets or more usually tissues (you don’t have to buy tissues in Japan, people give them to you in the form of advertising).

Well, times being a bit tough, I applied for one of these jobs and on Thursday, got up at 6am to get to Motomachi station in Kobe to give out flyers for an English school, for a marvellous ¥2500 for 2 hours.

Surprisingly fun, although once is enough I think (luckily got a job that afternoon, so don’t have to do it again).

As people emerge from the station you smile, cry “Good morning” and thrust the flyer under their noses. It was quite funny watching people’s reactions. Those that saw you before they emerged would often change direction and take the long route out of the station (not sure if this is because I was a gaijin, or just because they didn’t want a flyer).
Some people would smile but refuse, some would take them and some would glare at you (usually older middle aged men).
A lot of people (especially the ladies) seemed to like the “Good morning Madam” bit, and a couple of times I got a “Good morning” back.

There are a lot of people sleep-walking at that time of the morning! and it’s amazing how many people would suddenly get a phone call just as they saw me, hence too busy to acknowledge my presence.

We weren’t the only people there either. Some people were giving out a local listings magazine (they seemed to have more success as 2 of them were in their early twenties, female, wearing shorts and not unpleasant to look at), and another lady was giving out tissues.

I can understand why some commuters are not happy coming out of the station, it’s like a trying to avoid defenders in a football game to get to the goal (the pedestrian crossing outside the station).
2 hours later, I’d got rid of 200 flyers, job well done. Got paid and went home.

Nice experience, but hopefully, won’t be doing it again.

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