Resignation Day

Well, I went to work on Wednesday evening, expecting to wrap things up for a resignation on Sunday, and found this notice on the wall.

School Closure Notice

School Closure Notice

Our school is “temporarily” closing from this Saturday for one month! Bit of a surprise.

2 people had already resigned that day, so I rushed in my resignation papers, and the other teachers were planning on doing it later in the week.

Turns out my last day at Nova was Weds 24th. It’s all over now.
Officially my last working day is next Tuesday, but taking them as “paid” – haha, holiday.

Front of my ex-school

Front of my ex-school

Have had a couple of interviews for other schools so waiting for responses now.

Woke up this morning (Friday) to a phone call from a friend Steve. Turns out MonkeyBridge was sacked last night and Nova has asked the government for Bankruptcy Protection.

It’s all over the news now (finally!). Every school is closed today. Not sure about the future, the few directors that are left are trying to sort it out, and asking the government for help.

Too late me thinks.

The only problem now, is getting back pay. I’m owed 2 months pay, about half a million Yen, and they’re supposed to pay it within 7 days of a resignation, however this may have all changed today 🙁

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