NOVA Protest and my first glimpse of Televisual Fame

Tuesday, called in sick and headed off to the Osaka Labour Standards Office (the work part of the government) to protest about the lack of wages payment.

Quite an interesting day.
There were about 60 people there, including some brave Japanese staff (the Japanese seem to have a mentality of “trust the company”, or “don’t rock the boat”, so even though they have been paid less and later than the foreign instructors they refuse to protest “I can’t”, seems to be the standard reply), plus a lot of media.
I believe it’s called a media frenzy.

Media Frenzy

Media Frenzy

Nova Protest

Nova Protest

We were divided up into 2 groups, those that wanted to be on tv (the majority) and those that didn’t (I joined the tv gang), then further into those that wanted to be interviewed – I chickened out of that.

There were a lot of speeches, some interviews and then 7 people were chosen to go into the government offices and do the official thing. (Asking for the government to do it’s job – something it doesn’t like doing apparently, and get us paid or start criminal prosecution against Saruhashi – Monkey bridge, as it is illegal to delay payment of wages in Japan).

So off they went, and we hung around outside for an hour or so, getting interviewed and taking photos.
When they came out there was some more interviews (the government said they would consider looking into it, or something), but as Nova said we would get paid on the 19th, they said to wait till then.

My Hungry Protest Face

My Hungry Protest Face

So we all shuffled off home, and started sending out cv’s. I spoke to 2 companies, and am waiting a reply.

I spent most of the evening watching the news, and it was covered on a couple of channels (30-60seconds), and was finally rewarded on the 11o’clock news when a panning shot of the angry gaijin revealed my bearded face!
Ahh, the phone has been ringing off the hook for commercial and soap opera work ever since. đŸ˜‰
Will try and get a screen grab off it (of course I recorded it!) and post it up.

Back to work as normal on Weds, although if we aren’t paid on Friday (v. unlikely), Saturday will be a major calling in sick day. Then people are considering their options…

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