NOVA about to Collapse

Well, looks like the end of this giant behemoth of an English language factory. Today is payday, and we have no pay (2nd month it’s late – grounds for leaving and getting dole money in Japan apparently).

Admittedly we were told by fax on Friday night that we would have no pay but still, we have no pay.

We are now due to be paid on Friday, but seeing as the dodgy (illegal?) share wranglings Sahashi (aka Monkeybridge, aka NOVA chairman and owner) which will supply the cash to pay us aren’t coming to fruition till the 24th (and seeing as one of the main characters in this transaction has just been arrested for money laundering or something), this also seems unlikely.

Went to the General Union meeting last night in Osaka to find out where we stand, and they were basically showing us a paddle, and then showing us a picture of MonkeyBridge taking it away from us and pushing us in a creek.

We’re all (or as many as we can muster) off to the Labour Standards Office (part of the government) on Tuesday to protest and try to get them to step in, do something and try to arrest the criminal. If this happens, the company will be forced to declare bankruptcy and we might get some unemployment insurance, yay.

Not good times.

The most “amusing” thing I discovered from the meeting though, was that Nova head office apparently looks like the Marie Celeste at the moment, with one person dealing with accomodation, 2 in personnel, and the other major departments apparently staffless.

If you quit a job in Japan you need a special form from the company (Ryhokuhyo or some’at) which allows you to claim the dole from the government. The person who writes these at Nova has quit.
No Ryokuhyo = No Dole money.
We can’t even quit!

Off to work today to drum up student support…

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