A Brief Return to Blighty

Been away for a couple of weeks, back to the Mother Country.

A whirlwind tour of bottles of wine, wedding ceremonies and womens clothes shops. Marvellous but came back very knackered! Slept about 16hours first day back (luckily didn’t have to go to work), and still my body clock is out of whack (got up at 6am this morning! ).

Great to see everyone again, and good to see my brother and his lady tie the knot, and also the week after, my best mate and his lady do the same. I was best man at that one and terrifying it was too. They really should change the sequence of events and get the speeches out of the way sooner so the best man, the groom and the brides father can relax and enjoy the day more (or at least the meal – it was apparently excellent, but I can’t really remember the taste, think I left half of it).

Met up with lots of old friends again which was great, surprising how 2 years seems to fly by, and it’s almost as if you haven’t been away.

Back in Japan and back to work now. Still got a job. Nova has been having some “hard” times recently – not paying staff or teachers, protests, planned (but not happening) strikes, etc. etc. Thought I was gonna come back to a redundancy cheque (not that they do such things in a bankruptcy case). Still, the school is still open at least for a few more weeks…lets see if we get paid on the 15th (last pay cheque was 2 weeks late for Titled Instructors – my current position, after my, regrettable it seems now, promotion).

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