Jesus Is Innocent and the Remote Controlled Pigeons

Every day I get the English language paper, the Daily Yomiuri, and in amongst all the usual depressing news about Irag, terrorists and death, destruction and bid rigging that goes on in Japanese politics (actually there’s not much destruction in Japanese politics but recently there has been deaths, and bid rigging), you can find some hidden gems.

Like these.
The Jesus story appeared about 2 days ago, and the pigeon one was last year, but I’ve been saving it.
They’re all taken from the Daily Yomiuri.

”Kenyan group wants to annul Jesus’ conviction”
A fervent Christian group in Kenya has lodged a case at Kenya’s High Court concerning Jesus. They want his conviction declared ‘null and void’ and his Crucifixion ‘illegal’.

The petition was filled last Monday with the court registrar, raising a novel set of legal quandaries – not the least of which involves the statute of limitations and whether the high court has jurisdiction over the ‘Son of God’.
It was not certain when a ruling would be handed down.

You gotta love this world.
The next one is a little different.

‘Chinese scientists make remote-control pigeons’
Scientists in eastern China say they have succeeded in controlling the flight of pigeons with micro electrodes planted in their brains, state media reported.
Scientists at the Robot Engineering Technology Research Centre at Shandong University of Science and Technology said the electrodes could command them to fly right or left or up or down, Xinhua News Agency said.
‘The implants stimulate different areas of the pigeon’s brain according to signals sent by the scientists via computer, and force the bird to comply with the commands,’ Xinhua said.
‘Its the first such successful experiment on a pigeon in the world,’ Xinhua quoted the centre’s chief scientist, Su Xuecheng as saying.

I’m sure there will be some military use found for these, at least as soon as the Americans get hold of them!

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petersteelDecember 31st, 2009 at 4:50 am

that was really nice to read that.. that was really great post.. it seem great information…i think Pigeons need to be kept away from residential spaces, because they cause lot of disturbance by noise and damage to the structure..

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