Moving Flat

Well we finally moved flat last week! Yay! It was a fairly painless process, we packed everything up, and the moving company (the wonderful Breaks again) came and picked it up on the Saturday afternoon – I was at work, but Aki tells me it only took them 45 minutes – good work fellas, we gave them some beers as thanks.
Moving day was Sunday, so up at the crack of dawn (well 7) and at the new place (about a 1 minute drive away) before everyone else. We got first dibs on the lift as our company was there so early, and had everything moved in by about 9.30!
The new place is great! lots of room, it even has a long corridor from the front door to the living room, which I keep staring down, marvelling at the size of it – it’s long compared to what I’ve experienced in Japan so far.

The balcony is great with a beautiful view of mountains (and houses), and we had it tiled so it looks like a proper terrace.
Haven’t tried the mist sauna yet, as it’s too hot and humid here, but the house talks to you! When you change temperature on the water or different modes in the bathroom (shower, bath, sauna, etc.) a ladies voice tells you what you’ve done. Cool!
The living room is just the right size, and fits our 42inch Hitachi plasma tv perfectly 😉
It’s been a week since we’ve moved in, and all the boxes are unpacked, the lights and air con have been fitted, and we just acquired a nice espresso/filter coffee machine. Feels like home 🙂
p.s. photos will follow when it all looks perfect. (sofa is being delivered at the end of the month)

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