The Last Laugh

Just the other week we were given free tickets to the theatre from work! Big surprise, and even bigger surprise that it was a play starring Roger Lloyd Pack (from Only Fools and Horses) and Martin Freeman (Tim from the Office)!
The play was very funny and very popular (it was I guess a press or some other special performance, as it was a week before the usual tickets dates). It was nearly 80% full, and maybe only 20% were foreigners.

Bit surprised, although the play is quite a famous one in Japan (original version by a Japanese playwright).

There were subtitles displayed along the side for the Japanese audience, which proved to be a problem for me, as the Japanese would read the lines quicker than the actors said them, so laugh, sometimes over the punchlines!

I missed a few jokes because of that (Aki explained to me what was said). Also a couple of cultural references were also missed (an “I don’t believe it” catchphrase setup and joke was missed, but I imagine gets a huge laugh usually).

Must be difficult for the actors with that kind of pre-emptive laugh going on.

Anyway the play was very enjoyable, and funny and a little thought-provoking at the same time (to do with censorship, especially during wartime).
I believe it is due in the West End of London next, so worth a trip (especially if you can get free tickets!)

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