So I save these 2 fish and …

Heading off to Sannomiya on Thursday for a bit of shopping and karaoke, and we passed the small stream near our house, where Gamera lives.

It’s an artificial stream, so there’s a deep part where the fish and turtles live, and then at the ends (where the roads cross it, every 10 metres or so) there’s a very shallow raised part with a drain (to ease flooding, etc.).

This is fenced off from the deep part to stop the fish getting caught in the drain. Unfortunately today, however, there were 2 little koi carps flapping in the 1cm of water near the drain grill. 🙁

Luckily I had my sandals (for ’tis is hot here) and no socks on, so I (hesitantly) leapt to their rescue. They didn’t half panic! Some lumbering beard lurching towards them.
“This can’t be good”, I heard them cry in Fish Japanese (Fapanese?). I managed to scoop them up in my hands (slippery little fellas they were), and launch them unceremoniously into the deep end, where they swam off “happily”. Well, don’t know it they were happy, and after 3 seconds they’d probably forgotten about me and the drain adventure, anyway.
Still, felt better, and a lady and her baby who were watching thanked me 🙂

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