It’s a cockroach!

Had my first run in with a cockroach the other night.

We were just relaxing, reading in bed before lights out, when I spotted something run very fast up the wall by my side… leaping up, (surprisingly fast I thought), I noticed it was a cockroach.

Now I’m not a big fan of these things, although prefer them to spiders, but Aki is, well, less of a fan. So much noise and panic ensued.

Then the little blighter lost it’s footing and fell off the ceiling and hit the floor and scampered off – scamper maybe not the right word..he legged it! And disappeared.

Well we emptied the room of books, table, etc. etc, still no sign…then Aki suggested to lift up the futon…he legged it again, across the room. I was armed by now with a newspaper and a wastepaper basket, which I managed to trap him in.

Now what do we do? Not having killed a cockroach before, and not having the standard requirement of roach spray in the house, Aki suggested my Lynx deodrant…maybe it would have the Lynx effect on him?

Well I sprayed about half a can on his little head, and he seemed a bit surprised at first but finally fell off the roof off the bin and lay on his back, comatose (or dead, or sleeping, or just overwhelmed by the smell).

Result! Quickly, and with much girlish trepidation I slid him onto a magazine and threw him off our balcony down to the hard concrete 4 stories below.

He (and so far none of his friends) haven’t been back since.
But now we have roach spray, and roach traps! This time, we’re ready for them!

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