Was that an earthquake?

We had a small earthquake here on Sunday afternoon at 12:19. We felt it in Amagasaki even though the centre was in Mie Prefecture a couple of hours train journey away (don’t know the distance). It was a 5.4 at the centre but in our Nova branch we just felt a small shake, followed by another a few seconds later.

Actually I saw “We”, but I didn’t feel anything, I was too busy doing my chibiko (baby) lesson, so Jumping Like a Kangaroo and Swinging like a Monkey, etc. etc. I came out and the staff told me, and one of the instructors was panicking (we don’t get quakes in England so bit of a shock).

The students took it all remarkably calmly.

“What was that?”
“Oh, just an earthquake.”
“WHAT! What should we do?”
“Nothing, carry on with the lesson.”

Seems 11 people were injured (in Mie) but thankfully nobody killed.

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