Breaks the moving company and No Loan the loan people

We are moving soon (3 weeks today in fact) so we’ve been looking at hiring a moving company to lug the stuff across town.
Some guy came round the other week and at first was very amusing and pleasant. He was a bit camp and instead of saying “Wakarimashita” – I understand, he would say “waaaaaaaaaakarimashita“. Which was amusing me no end.

However when we got to the business of money and deciding to use his company or not, he wouldn’t take the bloody hint and leave.
He started off at about £750 but we didn’t want to decide straight away (as I didn’t understand the Japanese, so Aki had to translate for me later), so we kept saying we’ll call him…but he seemed to think this was us playing hardball, so kept knocking down the price. Think we ended up at £250 – which is a fair old percentage cut from his opening gambit.
And still he wouldn’t leave.
About 5 times we said, “we’re meeting other companies we’ll call you later”, but no use. I had to go to work, so we managed to use that as an excuse to get him out, and he left us very unhappy, but did give us a free bag of rice đŸ™‚
(Banks, and other companies have unusual campaigns here, for example free rice, free bowls or plates, etc.)

By the end of it, if he’d have said he work for £100 we wouldn’t have taken him up on the offer. Awful guy.

He also took to slagging off the other companies we were meeting with, which we didn’t like.
The other company that we went with, however does have the amusing name for a moving company of “Breaks“. Marvellous.

Japanese companies seem to have a habit of doing that kind of thing, picking slightly inappropriate English words for their company, my favourite being “No Loan“…guess who they are…the local areas big LOAN company! yay.

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