Sumo is back in town and last Thursday off we went to see the big guys slap each other. The atmosphere is great fun at Sumo, very relaxed and everybody just has fun, eats some food, cheers when someone falls over and drinks a bit of sake.
Still don’t really understand the rules although if someone gets pushed out of the ring or falls over they lose, got that bit.

There are about 70 different holds to win, mainly different ways of holding the nappy thing.

Good fun to watch a little guy beat a huge mammoth.

Afterwards we went to a Chankonabe restaurant, which is a hotpot that Sumo wrestlers eat, basically a bucket of food (chicken, fish, prawns, vegetables, tofu), boiled on your table and mixed with a soup. Very tasty.

Oh, by the way, I recommend everyone has their photo taken next to a wrestler, as it makes you look thin!

Sumo Wrestler and me (I'm on the right)

Sumo Wrestler and me (I'm on the right)



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