It is are not raining here also

Last Wednesday was our 2 and a half year anniversary so we went to our favourite sushi restaurant in Nishinomiya. It’s pretty expensive so we only go about twice a year. Fantastic sushi!

This time I wrote down what we had so I could remember it for next time:

Campachi – a white fish
Shimaaji – also a white fish
Maguro – Tuna – the best tuna I’ve had
Salmon Aburi – Salmon slightly grilled – really good
Iwashi – Sardine – pretty good
Mushiana – fresh water eel, warmed and with sauce, nice
Daiten Maki – this is the house special, and really good
Tekka Maki – Tuna rolls with strangely stinging nettles in (at least that’s what they look and taste like)
Hirame – plaice, ok, but v. chewy
Salmon aburanai – not grilled, raw salmon, great!

Finished with some Reishu or cold sake.

Sushi restaurants have their own language aswell, which I was trying to learn.
Green tea is usually Ocha, but in a sushi restaurant it’s Agari
Rice is Gohan usually, here it’s Shari
Egg is Tamago, but here, Gyoku

Mind you, I’ll never remember them.

Afterwards we found an Irish bar, The Wexford and stayed there for the night. Not a big fan of Gaijin bars, but this one was very nice, quite relaxed and served Magners cider!

There were a few Japanese customers, and we overheard this great conversation with the barman.

A couple came in, obviously locals as he was wearing an Irish shirt, think he’d bought it on St Patricks Day.

Barman: Hi How Are you?
Man : I’m fine.
Barman : You took some photos the other day? Any good?
Man : I’m fine.
Barman : No, the photos, camera, good photos?
Man : Guiness please.
Barman : Ok.

Comedy magic.

Mind you, to be fair to the Japanese guy, the number of times I’ve had similar conversations in Japanese is countless.

Them : What’s your name?
Me : from England.
In a restaurant:
Waitress : Would you like a drink to start?
Me : Jim

(they keep our own chopsticks there and we usually have to tell them our name to get them) etc. etc.

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