EU Lawyers would have a field day

Imagine if this was on a website for flat rentals in Europe:

In amongst the search check boxes (how much you want to pay, size of apartment, location, Cable TV etc) were these 3 boxes:

Pets Yes/No
Small Children Yes/No
Foreigners Yes/No

!! Nice to know we’re included amongst those other potentially smelly, noisy and disruptive elements. đŸ˜‰

A search with Pets and Children as YES returned a few results, Foreigners as YES….none. Luckily the place we found doesn’t mind too much, they’re letting the English guy and the Budgie in.

Also, they have something here in Kansai called “Key Money”, which is like a deposit, except you never see it again!
We were gonna be charged £1000 for 3 months (that’s on top of rent!), managed to get it down to £750.
This is only in the Kansai area apparently, the rest of Japan don’t have this system.

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