No Yakuza Allowed

Last week we went back to the estate agents, to sign the contract (well, I can’t sign as I’m a foreigner, so Aki signed). Before that we had to sit through the agent reading the contract in it’s entirety for about 2 hours! The highlights being (it was all in Japanese, so I didn’t get much of it, and it was all in Japanese lawyer speak so Aki couldn’t translate a lot of it either), were

a) No Yakuza are allowed

b) The contract is in Japanese (this was the last thing written in the contract! Think we might have guessed by that point).

Kobe is a hotbed of Yakuza activity, the Yamaguchi family live here, and there’s a massive house near here with security cameras all over it, and no way of looking in, (like a fortress) with Yamaguchi written on the gate, so we think it might be the bosses house, so Yakuza buying houses may be a big possibility.

Have to get Andy my tattoable friend to cover up when he comes to visit.

There was also something about not breaking the contract (which seemed to go on for about 5 pages!), and the size of pets allowed, up to 10kg apparently.

We checked each other for missing fingers and body tattoos and signed.

Now preparations start for the move.

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