Being Ill in Japan

January’s not been a great month for us, Aki had a really bad cough for several weeks, which included a trip to the hospital in the early hours of the morning due to an asthma attack, and finally resulted in terrible muscle pains down her sie due to coughing so much and so hard 🙁

Then a couple of weeks ago I got a cold which led to a fever and possible tonsilitis (the doctor wasn’t sure, and didn’t speak English, so again we had to guess what was wrong). Tonsilitis (I’ve had that before and it felt similar) or an allergic reaction – the default diagnosis when you’ve no real idea.
So instead of being given amoxycillin, which I’m ususlly fed in England I got 6 different kinds of pills and a stick on patch! These were for: asthma, cough, pain, sputum (a word I’d not heard in ages), inflammation, fever and god knows what else!

Still 3 days later, the pain subsided, so something worked.

Then, I woke up at 3am Sunday morning in agony and deaf in my right ear. Seems I’d created an ear infection.
Again, had this before, about once a year in fact, and a dose of antibiotics usually clears it up…
Couldn’t get any sleep that night so first thing we were back off to the doctors. Unfortunately, GPs here specialise, so the guy from last week didn’t have the ear light gun, so couldn’t help me, told me to go to the
ear, nose and throat specialist down the road. Gave me a letter to give that guy (and charged me twenty quid for it!)…

Off we went to the otorhinolaryngologist (unbelievably one of the 3 English words the doctor knew! – I didn’t)…

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