Hisashiburi (Long time no see)

Been very slack lately and not updated this (as someone pointed out in a comment…), not sure where to start as done lots of things (and it was Christmas an’ all), so will just list some of the strange questions or opinions some Japanese people have about the English, some are just plain weird, others are offensive (see the Muslim one).

1) We all carry umbrellas, all the time as it rains, ALL the time.
This is actually a widely held belief by just about every Japanese person I’ve met, whereas in my opinion it rains more in Kansai (Osaka/Kobe area) than England. I own 3 umbrellas here.

2) “Ah, you’re English, so you hate Muslims“. This little gem was thrown at me by some old git in one of our discussions. Admittedly he said it with a grin as if he was joking, but it’s difficult to say. He also wanted all foreigners out of Japan (the irony of sitting in an English school full of foreigners seemed to miss him somewhat). Unfortunately we’re not allowed to upset the “customers”, so I could only laugh with disbelief, say that’s not true, and move the conversation on to something else – thankfully the other students in the room, also looked at him with disbelief.

3) School dinners contain supplements for the kids – to improve their brains and health. Now, I’m pretty sure this isn’t true as according to Jamie Oliver, school dinners don’t even contain vitamins or naturally occurring supplements.

4) We all carry around salt and pepper to add to our food. I love this one. The girl who told me said she was told this by an American who was told by an English friend (I can only hope the friend was taking the p*ss)

5) Hooligans are actually nice, fun, entertaining people. Hmmm.

6) Many of us are depressed because of the weather – maybe true, actually.

Oh and one the other day about Americans. “They still hang people in America, as they hanged Saddam Hussein there”.

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