Only in Japan

I was teaching a lesson the other day to a low level student, about buying things in shops – the main language being “I’ll take this please”, “How would you like to pay?”, “Cash”, “Credit card”.

So to start the lesson I gave an example of what I’d bought that day (some coffee from Lawson – convenience store) and I’d paid by cash, then I asked her what she’d bought today. Admittedly she was a Junior High School student so not likely to be using credit card, but we had some problems with the answer. So

I explained again what “Cash” was, and still she seemed to be having difficult with the answer to “How did you pay?“…eventually she rummaged around in her handbag and took out her phone. “This“.

You can buy stuff in Japan with your mobile.

I had to change the lesson a bit after that.

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