This Country Has Too Many Holidays

In the process of getting a Japanese drivers license (a fairly easy process if you have a British license in that you don’t need to take the driving or written test), however it is a 2 day process.
Last week we went somewhere (forgotten where), to the JAF (Japanese Automobile Federation) offices to get a translation of my license. Took a few hours and cost a few thousand yen, but c’est la vie.

This week we were gonna do, stage 2, head to the license issuing office and get the finished version.
So got my photo taken yesterday, and woke up at the crack of dawn (well 7.30), to get to Akashi (about 45mins away by train) for the awkward opening times of 9.30-10.30am.

It was only when we got to Akashi, that Aki noticed the large numbers of hikers wandering about the station, so she began to wonder…”What day is it?”, “3rd, why”, “oops…”. Another bloody national holiday! There’s at least 2 or 3 a month it seems – would be great if Nova took any notice of them, but they don’t so I still have to work – anyway…this means the office is closed!! DOH! Doh! and DOH!

Pink Nessie

Pink Nessie

Anyway, as we had an enjoyable morning out in Akashi (nice park, rode a green nessie on a pond, went to the planetarium, and ate takoyaki, which Akashi is famous for). Fun day out, but got to get up early again in a couple of weeks and try again!

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