Presents From Strangers

I may have mentioned in this blog before how I seem to be given free stuff all the time by strangers here in Japan (and I don’t mean the tissues given out at train stations), I’ve been given a cup from a bar, free food from Petit Emillion, live fish soup from a sushi restaurant in Kobe, but the weirdest of all happened the other week while my parents were here.

We went to our local wine bar Petit Emillion on a Thursday night and as we walked in there were 4 guys sitting at the bar and one of them turned to me, stood up and waved at me. Obviously I waved back (what was I supposed to do?) but had no idea who he was.
After about an hour or so, they left, and on the way out he came over to me grinning wildly and shook my hand (didn’t seem to speak English, and can’t remember any Japanese he said). Completely bemused I shook his hand back, said hi, and goodbye and gave him a big smile.

Guess he thought I was David Beckham or something! (hey! It’s happened before!)
Anyway, Setsuyasan (the bar owner) later gave us a cake, which apparently the guys had bought for us! Turns out, one of them (the friendly one) works in the local convenince store (a Lawson) and he’s seen me in there.

Seems I go there a lot, but only remember going there about 4 times since January, but I guess they don’t get many gaijin in there.

Been in to see him since to thank him, but he didn’t seem to want to talk and wouldn’t look at me! Guess he was embarassed, or scared I would speak to him in English (a common fear amongst Japanese it seems).
Guess he was bit pissed that night. đŸ™‚

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