Graham Coxon, Hard-Fi and a Baseball Game

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, mainly due to being busy doing stuff (and my parents being in Japan for about 10 days), so a quick review of what happened before they arrived.

Last month we went to see Graham Coxon at Big Cat in Osaka. First time I’ve seen him live and he was great.
Really noisy and a great guitarist. Seemed a bit jet-lagged and made a few mistakes, which added somehow to the fun. Crowd were very lively and he played a long set, and mainly loud punk songs which sent the crowd moshing.

Mind you not as lively as the crowd for Hard Fi who were the liveliest crowd I’ve since since maybe the Damned or The Wonderstuff in the 90s. The “kids” went crazy. Richard had them eating out of his hand, even though his Japanese only stretched to “Domo” (thanks), they loved it. The encore “Living For The Weekend” made the dance floor quite a dangerous place! Great fun.

As I know Richard from back in the day in sunny old Staines (or “mind numbing suburbia” as it was described in the Daily Yomiuri before they came), he got us backstage passes where we watched them meet and greet some very excitable Japanese girls who gave them amazing presents like handmade books with photos of the band, or my favourite giant Pocky chocolate sticks, and generally wind down after the gig. We went with them to the Sex Machine Barbecue (a James Brown themed yakiniku restaurant) and caught up with the latest news from Rich (not since him for 2 years).

A fantastic evening, and Aki was able to get her photo taken with her 2nd favourite rock star (after Jon Bon Jovi) so big smiles all round.

We also went to a baseball game in September, the Hanshin Tigers (the local team) vs the Tokyo Giants at Koshien stadium. This was a birthday present from Aki. Great atmtsmosphere! The Hanshin Tigers know how to have fun. We bought these plastic baton things which you bang together to the songs (and there are many songs!, the fans take it in turns, if your team is batting you sing, if not you shut up), and each player seems to have his own song too. My favourite player was Akihoshi as he hit the ball a couple of times and caught out many of the opposition when he was fielding, I bought a shirt with his name on afterwards 🙂

Enjoying the Baseball

Enjoying the Baseball

Lots of beer was drunk and laughter laughed. They have these teenagers coming round selling beer, which is very convenient, and as the place got crowded they couldn’t reach you so you had to pass the money along the row and they sent the beer back the other way. Nice.

Unfortunately Hanshin lost, but didn’t seem to dampen the party atmosphere too much.
In the 7th inning there is a tradition where the crowd let off hundreds of ballons into the sky. Not sure why,
but looked great.



Hanshin Tigers Balloons

Hanshin Tigers Balloons

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