The Gym

Just last week we joined a gym! For anyone who knows me this is unusual and slightly abnormal behaviour as well as being quite unlikely. However the building next to our apartment is a sports centre! And it has a gym, albeit a small, mainly populated by the elderly one, but to be honest that’s how I like it. Nothing worse than being the only fat bloke surrounded by Schwarzenegger wannabes.

It only has a few weight machines, 2 different types of bikes and few stair masters, but what else do you need?

Especially at ¥300 a go! About £1.40 at the current exchange rate I think. Not as flash as the Konami ones (equivalent to Fitness First in England I think), but it’ll do. Just come back from a 2 hour stint there and feel fresh and healthy.

p.s. the Kaiser Chiefs are perfect for the gym! Time flew by on the 20km bike ride.

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