Sun Visors

Speaking of ladies with umbrellas in the sun (see the beer garden post), I keep forgetting to talk about the sun visors here, so I will now.

Japanese women (not all, but a fair percentage, especially the middle age or older ones), are never seen without an umbrella. During the colder seasons it’s for rain, during the summer it’s for protection against the sun. But it doesn`t just stop with parasols. They also have full length (usually black) gloves, right up to their shoulders, and a few hardcore ladies have face visors!

You know those things the dancers wore on Kylie’s “Can’t get you out of my head” video? Well I thought they were invented by some wild and crazy fashion designer for the video. No. They’ve been worn for years by 50year old Japanese ladies on sunny days!

It’s great to see them riding along on their bicycles with gloves on, face visor down and parasol up. Must be hot in there.

Unfortunately not been able to get a pic. just yet and time is running out as it’s getting cooler here now…

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