Sometimes strange coincidences happen. Why is it that you can think of something or someone, that you haven’t thought about in ages and then they’re everywhere, or they call you, or something?

For example, the other day I woke up and for some reason Paul Newman popped in my head, later that night, flicking through the tv channels, “Color Of Money” was on with Paul Newman.
Now, ok, finding a Paul Newman film on tv isn’t that rare, so that could have been inevitable, but sometimes there are stranger things.

In the papers here last week (31st Aug) there was some news about politicians and company executives saying racist things (some guy that worked for KMart and some governor or something). One of the words one of them used was “tar baby“, which apparently used to be used as an offensive racist term in the 30s or something. I’d never heard of it before.

That night, I finally got around to reading the new Neil Gaiman book “Anansi Boys” (excellent by the way), and right near the beginning of the book, he mentions “tar babies”! Bizarre? Dunno.

But I’m gonna keep a record of these things, and see if there’s a pattern or something.

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