Keystone Kops

Japan has a pretty low crime rate, and is still a relatively safe country to visit and live in (certainly compared with America and England), I feel no concern over walking around with about £600 in my pocket (for one reason or another I’ve done this on a couple occasions), something I would rarely do in London, not constant fear and paranoia. Sometimes I wondered if this lack of crime was to do with the quality of the Japanese police force…well the other week I saw them in action, and I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason.

I was on the train going to work, about midday, when a guy came into the carriage through the connecting doorway, being pushed by the train guard. Don’t know what he’d done (he was maybe early 30ish, carrying a couple of shopping bags, a mobile phone and an umbrella – not the usual get up for a criminal), maybe he was one of the train perverts they are constantly warning people about.

Any road up, by coincidence there were 2 policeman in my carriage. So they came over and grabbed the guy. He was flailing around and “resisting arrest” as we would say. In England and I’m sure most other countries, he would have been physically pushed onto the ground, knelt on, and handcuffed pretty roughly and quickly (bearing in mind there were 2 policemen involved).
Not here. They finally managed to get him prostrate on the carriage seats, but didn’t seem to consider handcuffing. They got his umbrella off him eventually too. He was still flailing about and finally even managed to break free, and grab hold of the rings up by the ceiling for standing passengers. How I don’t know.

They couldn’t separate his hand from the ring, and the whole time he was flailing around and shouting abuse inches from one of the cops face.
Amusingly, a couple of feet away on the opposite seats were 2 guys, one was watching curiously, the other carrying on reading his manga.
We finally pulled into the train station where they were going to take him off the train, and no backup was waiting. I was expecting at least another couple of cops, but no-one. He was dragged off, so inexpertly the guy even managed to knock over an old lady (unfortunatley I wasn’t quick enough to catch her), who was coming up the stairs. At this point the kops seemed to get angry, and forced him onto the ground but still no handcuffs! I was going to be late for work, so had to leave this spectacle, but behind me on the stairs I could hear them struggling to get him down the stairs while he was still flailing around!! đŸ˜®

I imagine he scarpered when they let him go through the gates first with his ticket!

Unbelievable, and leaves me a little concerned if there ever was any trouble here. I always thought the Japanese had a long tradition of martial arts, and you’d assume the police would be taught some techniques to disable and restrain an unwieldy criminal.

Still, I guess the crime rate is low here for other reasons…

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