Rainy Season in Japan

Rainy season is nearly over in Japan (apparently), and I have to say, I’m slightly disappointed. Since I arrived here in January it’s rained every week, sometimes for several days in a row. My Japanese students are always asking about London, and the rain, and how everyone has to carry an umbrella, but it rains more frequently, heavier and for longer here than it ever does in England.

I own 3 umbrellas in Japan. Didn’t own any in London.

Anyway, everyone was talking about the rainy season so I was expecting monsoons and cars floating down the streets, that kind of thing.

It rained maybe once a week. Less even than before rainy season.
And now it’s over. And now we have summer. This week it’s been getting hotter and hotter, and yesterday was 35degress in Osaka, with a lot of humidity. Today feels about the same.

Constantly darting between trains, convenience stores, and departments stores just to get some air con.

Summer lasts till September apparently, so better get used to it…

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