New Gadgets

Sometimes Japan is very cheap! Just bought an Epson printer, and it`s a scanner, photocopier, photo printer, normal printer and will even scan in slides and negatives (although you have to take it apart a bit and attach some new parts), oh and it also prints onto dvds and cds.

Thanks to the wonder of Yodobashi Camera (big electronics department store, think Dixons but on 8 floors and with stuff worth buying), and their points card system and their sales, we got it for under ¥20,000 which works out at about £100! Bargain.

Now I have to keep stopping myself from printing photos left right and centre!
Had a search on the net for this model in England to do a price comparison, and it`s not available yet.

Also, speaking of Japan being cheap, was talking to one of the staff at Nova the other day about Manga (as I`m reading “Death Note” at the moment – very slowly, as I have to keep looking up kanji every 10 seconds!) – Death Note has just been made into a film here, starring the lead boy from Battle Royale, keep an eye out for it, it looks good from what I`ve seen – anyway, where was I, talking about Manga to the girl from Nova…and she said she`s gonna go to the internet/manga cafe to read it as Manga is expensive in Japan! That one was ¥400, about £2! The same book, albeit translated probably by Tokyopop, would be about ¥1600 in England, £6-8!

It seems paper is very expensive in England, something I was unaware of until recently.
Even buying English books here (with there prices on the back in pounds, usually £6.99) is cheaper, I can get them for about £5.

Funny old world.

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