The Taxman Cometh

He`s a slow lumbering two headed beast and make no mistake. When you leave the country to work overseas, you have to fill in a special form to tell him where you`re going so he can keep his beady eye on you, and if you`re very lucky, get some money back.

Some time in February, a few hundred quid appeared in my bank, courtesy of the Man. Ooh, lovely, I said, that`s nice.

A month or so later, a letter appeared from him, saying I owed him some cash, due to not paying enough tax last year. Which I found hard to believe as he seemed to be taking a hell of a lot each month, and I didn`t even finish the tax year, I was 3 months short.

(As an aside, Japanese income tax is a lot less, about 6%! compared to around 30% in England – also, their sales tax is only 5% compared to VAT of 17.5%. They do have extra local tax, which I have to pay next year, but so far I much prefer my pay slips here – don`t feel like it was completely worthless working the whole month. In England, think you have to work till about May before you start earning any money for yourself in the year!).

Anyway, where was I…oh yeah, tax man wants his money.

So I filed the letter away, and hoped he couldn`t be bothered to get a flight here and find me.
Then just yesterday (5 months after coming to Japan, 4 months after receiving the rebate), I get another letter saying he`s going to give me some money back (the same amount as I got in Feb, so I guess he just forgot to post the letter). No mention of the money I owe him…so guess I should just keep on waiting.

(Spent the money by the way)

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