Teaching 4 Year Olds English in Japan

Last saturday I turned up at work with a bad feeling, and I was right. They had me doing a Kinder class (my second ever, my first being the complete nightmare at Mukogawa), and not only that they want me to go to Mukogawa kids school every Monday in June!

All the other teachers were saying bad things about this kids class, they had to clear the room of anything that could be picked up or broken before I went in, and the girls were talking of horror stories, and “those kids need a man to order them around“.

They were actually relatively ok, the beard works everytime, keeps them distracted, apart from one kid who did his own thing, kept leaving the room, wouldn`t listen to a word I said, etc. etc.

Oh well, at least it was only one of them.

I found out about 3 hours later that he’s autistic! Nobody bothered to tell me I was supposed to be teaching an autistic child! And certainly nobody told me how I was supposed to teach him, training being hardly enough to teach the other kids.

It’s pretty disgusting if you ask me, that Nova takes the parents money, but don`t have anybody that can properly teach their child who obviously needs special attention.

Hopefully i don’t have the same class again today :`(

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