Felt my first earthquake here in Japan (or anywhere for that matter) the other night. I couldn`t sleep so was watching a movie till about 1.30 then went to bed. Not long after, everything shook slightly, almost as if a very large train had just gone past (we live next to a train line so that`s what I thought, although there was no noise of a train).

It was very quick, and I thought nothing much of it. The next day at work, one of the girls asked if we`d felt the earthquake. Apparently it was in the news, in Wakayama (a couple of hours from here) a 4.5 hit, and in Osaka/Kobe there was another small one, between 1-2.

Which reminds me, I must buy the survival kit from Muji.

Also, last night, there was an advert on tv for rubber jelly looking sticky things that you put under furniture and monitors, vases, etc. to stop them falling over during quakes.

Japanese adverts are ususally more entertaining than the programs, the oddest things I`ve seen advertised are those, and for farming equipment – you can buy small tractors and combine harvesters for gardens or tiny farms. Not sure where I`d put one though, so not purchased yet…

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