CD Copy Protection Rant

I went to Tower Records the other to get some cds, and they had an offer, buy one get another for half price.

So I picked up The Editors album (excellent! very 80`s, with a hint of early Adam Ant), and was looking for the second cd, when I saw the new Vines album. Great, I thought, but just before going to the till I noticed the Copy Protection label! Bastards. Why do they do that? I refuse to buy any more copy protection cds, since a couple of years ago I got the Blur 13 album, and a Japanese band called Zone, both of which were protected.

The Blur one, came with it`s own software to play the tracks which liked to cut the sound for about half a second every 20-30 seconds, very annoying. And both of them didn`t let me copy them to my MP3 player (which is how I listen to most of my music, on the way to and from work).

Why do these companies (think it`s mainly Sony) try to restrict the way people can listen to music? I paid in full for these cds and as a result I listened to the blur album twice before selling it on, and the same with the Zone one. Rubbish.

As you may have guessed I put the Vines back (they won`t be getting my money), and got James Blunt instead (for the missus of course) – quite a good album mind.

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