Some Old Friends and Some Raw Chicken in Osaka

Last week I hooked up with some ex Japanese teachers of mine from London, in Osaka. Kyuchan who I haven`t seen for about 18months, and Tanaka sensei, who came back to Japan last year. A current student from EIC (in London) was also with Tanaka and Ashley.

We met up in Osaka and headed for a yakitori restaurant. It was great to catch up, and we laughed a lot, especially when the food arrived.
We (in hindsight) mistakenly let Tanaka order the food, we realised our mistake when it arrived.

Chicken Sashimi (Raw)

Chicken Sashimi (Raw)

The chicken sashimi was something I`d heard about here, but never actually seen.
Raw chicken being a big no-no in most parts of the world, especially with English farming methods.
Eventually I plucked (clever huh?) up the courage and tried a slice. Not bad.
Edible in fact, although one slice was definitely enough.
Chicken Liver and Heart

Chicken Liver and Heart

Chicken Ovaries

Chicken Ovaries

The ovaries on the other hand, yes, ovaries, were too much for me.

Even when we thought they were testicles I couldn`t face them. Tanaka ate one (they have a yellowy liquid inside), said they were ok, in fact said they were just eggs.

Then we asked the waiter. Won`t be ordering that one again.

After that lot, we took the menu off of Tanaka, and ordered some food.

A good night, gonna go to Nagoya sometime to catch up with Tanaka in his hometown, drink lots of sake, and maybe a bit of karaoke!

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