Nova and the Chibiko Lessons

Found out last week, that I`m gonna be trained to teach English to children aged 2 to 4. Bearing in mind how much I enjoy teaching 4 to 11 year olds (>:-[) you can imagine how overjoyed I am at this new endeavour.

The lessons apparently consist of 40 minutes of singing and dancing with a 2 year old and a parent (or up to four 2 year olds!). How is a baby supposed to learn English with just 40 minutes a week??? Me thinks this was invented by a Nova accountant, and gullible mothers are lured in with the big bucks.


Oh, I got sent to a kids school last week, as someone messed up the schedule, so had to teach kinders, followed by junior and then seniors! I nearly quit.

Seniors are too bored and cool to be there and play stupid games.
Kinders are too young to maintain attention for more than 2 minutes (one was particularly distracted by my beard, so she lunged at it, and groped my chin).
Juniors just want to beat each other up.

40 minutes of hell.

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Maria StuartMay 7th, 2012 at 3:19 am

Well I liked teaching kids and adults alike. Kumon was what I taught before and never was a dull moment. It’s because teaching is my passion.

Max RobinsonMay 13th, 2012 at 5:03 pm

LOL. This is so true. Back to the times when I tutor kids from pre-school through tertiary, on Mathematics. Each age bracket had the same attitude and behavior. Fave was kinder to prep kids when all I did was answer their incessant questions about things like what I wore the previous day and why; how come I wasn’t wearing pony tail; if I liked ice cream with beans stuffs. I miss that.

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