Buying a Shirt in Ashiya and Getting More Than I Bargained For

I don`t have many suit shirts (my previous job not requiring a suit), so thought I`d got to Aoyama (big suit discount type shop here in Ashiya) and pick myself up one.

Fantastic service! They measured me up (neck, arm, and worryingly my stomach – “zenzen daijobu” she said, when I looked concerned about getting a reading on just how large it was, that is now my favourite phrase, roughly translated it`s “It`s fine! Nothing to worry about :)”
), and then they kept throwing offers at me.

If I buy 3 shirts, it`s almost the price of 2, if I buy some shoes today, I get ¥3000 off, etc. etc. I walked out with, 3 shirts, a pair of shoes, a credit card, 2 tickets to see the Tokyo Giants baseball team play at Osaka dome, and a points card. All for ¥15000 (about £75).

I didn`t have my “hanko” – small wooden stamp with my name in Kanji, the japanese use instead of signatures, so they took my thumbprint. Unusual.

Nice place, gonna go back some time and get a suit, might end up with a free tv or bag of rice.

Speaking of which, Japanese businesses have a strange tendency to give away random items.

My girlfriend was asked to visit her bank, where they gave her a bag of rice! (A bank, a bag of rice, see the connection? no me neither).
A week later she went back, and got a box of washing powder!
One of the guys at work went to a dvd/cd shop and got a free can of Guinness, and after my girlfriend bought a case of Suntory Malts beer, the shop gave her 4 small cans as a sample. Why did she need a sample? She`s just bought a case!

Still, it`s a nice gesture innit.

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