Bon Jovi at Osaka Dome

Last Saturday we went to see Bon Jovi perform at Osaka dome. Admittedly , not my choice, they`re ok, but not really into American stadium rock, mind you, who can`t not sing along to “Living on A Prayer” 😉

Anyway, they were surprisingly good fun. Largely helped by the very enthusiastic Japanese crowd, who clap rythmically along to every track when they`re not thrusting their arms in the air, even got me doing it sometimes. Had a little dance too 😉

We missed the first 30 minutes due to a misreading of the ticket (they started at 7 the night before, 6 on the Saturday – this is Japan, unusual gig start times), but they were on stage for 2 and a half hours, so we still got our moneys worth.

We turned up at 6.30 and wondered why there was no-one to be seen outside..doh!

I was watching them sing Living on A Prayer and wondering how bored they must be with it (been singing it for over 22 years!), and how routine it must be for them, when they proceeded to completely mess up the ending! Ended up as a shambles, the drummer or someone started playing a completely different song.
Eventually, Jon called a halt to it, and they quickly went into “Bad Medicine”.

Interesting at the end too. About 30,000 people (Osaka Dome is huge!) leaving and trying to get into the tube station and home. Crowded doesn`t do it justice. But amazingly, everything kept moving, albeit slowly, and with very little inconvenience or stress.
In London they would have closed the tube, created large crowds banging on gates, and generally pissed everybody off. Here, everyone just shuffled through quite orderly.


Not sure who we`re seeing next, although Coldplay are coming here in a couple of months. I`d quite like to see some local bands play – I prefer the smaller venues.
oh, another thing, odd some people`s perception of bands. In one of my Voice lessons at work, a student thought Bon Jovi were hard rock, and Oasis (who she did know about) were more Easy, soft rock.

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