The Japanese Barber and the Yakuza Haircut

Forgot to mention, I had my first haircut in Japan the other week.
Was a bit worried about it, apparently “bit shorter, spiky and messy”, don`t translate well. So wasn`t sure what to say. My girlfriend seemed to think that I wouldn`t actually have a choice and the guy would just do the only cut he knows, turned out to be true.

She came along as a translator, and i did the usual (same as in London) of going in with my hair how I want it (but obviously longer) and saying, “Like this, but shorter”.
That doesn`t usually work in London either.

However, it was a great experience. The guy took so much time and care over it all, washing my hair twice, went through 2 hot face towels, four layers of covers (which he seemed to replace every 10 minutes), and even offered to shave my neck – I politely declined.
None of this Soho way, of in/out as quickly as possibly leaving the inside of your shirt covered in hair, and charging as much as possible.

This took about 40 minutes, cost about 15 quid (cheaper than London), and was a very pleasurable experience.

The result? Well, I usually have short, spiky, messy hair.
Ended up with slicked back, Yakuza style Japanese hair.
Which I enjoyed for a day, but due to not having any mouse or the 10 minutes he took to hair dry the mouse in and slick it back every day, I`ve gone back to my usual look.

Still, a top bloke, and I will definitely be going back. He even attempted some broken English.

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