Nova Kids Lessons and a Pending Drink Problem

Been a bit busy lately, and not updating this as much as I`d like, got a bit of time now before we head off to Kobe to watch “Crash“, so thought I`d write about a change in my fortunes at Nova…that is Kids classes!

I was kids “trained” as they call it which is basically 2 days (of 4 hours each) in a room with other teachers kind of pretending to be kids and learning a few games and techniques. Training at Nova seems to be “here`s a little bit of what you need to know, you`ll pick the rest up as you teach the lessons, who knows in a couple of weeks you might have some idea of what you`re doing, oh, and good luck”.

I was told that I wouldn`t have to teach kids till April, so I would have time to go over the manuals, and the activity glossary etc. so get some preparation ,however, one of the teachers at my school left last week, and he decided to call in “sick” for his last two days. One of those ,I was in, and he was supposed to have a Junior class (7-9years) and a senior (10-12years)…which I now have.

“Luckily” my boss was in, and had a free lesson, so came in with me on the junior class, but for the senior I was on my own.

You get a lesson plan to follow, but has lots of secret words, like “Number Wave”??? which turns out to be a mexican wave calling out numbers. Also, as they are children you have to sit cross legged, or kneel down, and keep getting up to keep them entertained. My legs ached for 3 days after!

The Junior class went quite well (according to my boss), and they were all very well behaved. The seniors however…it was a public holiday in Japan, so only 2 of the 7 kids turned up, and they were quite pissed off that they had to be there when the other kids were obviously at Universal Studios or playing video games or some`at.
And, unfortunately, I know some Japanese so, could understand some words like,
“futari de…yada” – “only 2 of us, bo**ox”,
“kuso” – “this is shit”,
“tsumaranai” – “boring”, etc.
Which was nice.

Came out of it, tired, pissed off, stressed and needing a large drink. A lot of Nova teachers are border line alcoholics it seems, and I think this might have a lot to do with the kids lessons!

Oh, forgot to mention as well, in the senior class, as I wasn`t sure what I was doing, my boss said he`d getting everything I need together (flash cards, etc.)…found out afterwards while reading through the lesson plan properly, that he`d given me the wrong ones! No wonder the kids were as confused as I was!

Did the same lesson to some other kids on Saturday, went a lot smoother with the right equipment!

Taught those 2 kids lessons again this week (they`re gonna be my regular ones, plus one on Monday, and one on Saturday), and it`s getting easier, partly due to my not caring so much (they don`t want to be there, so why should I care if they learn anything), and also because I spent more time getting them running round playing games, which obviously is less boring than staring at the book.

The senior class was “fun” (that`s sarcasm by the way), as the other kids who skivved last week, turned up, and I could hear the boy from the week before telling the others how much the lesson sucked.
Think I`m gonna pick on him from now on.

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