Went to Kyoto last week, to meet up with a mate of mine from back in the day, and his wife and kid. We met up at Saiin (a place in Kyoto) and headed off for a 3 hour karaoke stint, with “Nomihodi” (pronounced “nomihoedi”) which is basically drink as much as you want for a tenner. Nice.

By the time we came out it was pissing it down, and due to a problem I don`t want to go into for fear of embarassing a friend, the two ladies and the baby got a taxi home, and me and my mate rode home through Kyoto in the rain. First time I`ve ridden in about 15 years, and discovered (near the end of the journey that cycling is indeed just like falling off a bike. I fell off. Despite going racing across numerous crossings, cutting across taxis, riding on the pavement around pedestrians (something that is positively encouraged here), it wasn`t until the straight, flat road that the bike found a mind of it`s own and slowly veered towards it`s favourite kerb.

Anyway, got back ok, and proceeded to drink copious amounts of sake and talk complete rubbish, and England with my mate. Good fun.
The next day, with a gentle hangover, wandered around Kyoto and looked at lots of food stalls in the impressive food market there.

Photos will follow when I can get them uploaded. There are fish eyes, pickles in mud, and sparrows on sticks to look forward to.

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