Kobe, St Patricks Day, 3 Little Bo Peeps and a Man and his Chicken

Kobe can be a strange place.
It was my day off on Friday (St Patricks Day), so we decided to go to Kobe to have some Kobe steak (pricey, but it was White Day this week, and our 18month anniversary the week after, so we thought what the hell).

On the way, we spotted a girl dressed up a bit like little bo peep, so we followed her in the station and she met some friends…being a gaijin, I pretended to be a tourist and got them to pose for a picture…

Gothic Lolita it's Called

Gothic Lolita it's Called

They didn`t even attempt to smile.

About 30 seconds after that, a man wearing a purple suit walked past us, and I noticed he was carrying something under his arm…turned out to be a large chicken (or perhaps cockerel is the better term).
Too shocked to take a photo, I thought the opportunity had gone, until I saw him later, parading his cock for all to see.

Man and Chicken

Man and Chicken

So off we went to Misano, the restaurant that invented Teppanyaki and the best way to cook Kobe steak (Teppanyaki is basically cooking meat, etc. on a hot plate in front of the customers).

We had some gorgeous steak (tastes better than it looks), and had an interesting conversation with the chef about British politics!
“Is Margeret Thatcher still alive? Do English people like John Major?”, etc.
Top bloke. Gave me some info on the origin of Teppanyaki, hence I know it was invented there.

Kobe Steak

Kobe Steak

There’s this bizarre thing that happens in Japan, usually in front of train stations.
For a nation so incredibly conservative, and (from many foreigners perception) stuffy, they don`t mind letting young people play loud rock music in front of commuters and passers by on weekends or other days off.
Not so much busking, as performing gigs. This happens a lot, and sometimes you can get really good bands. Like this lot, “Smash“, I ended up buying their CD.
Japanese Band - Smash

Japanese Band - Smash

Oh, today also saw the unveiling of a statue outside Sannomiya Kobe station (next to where the band were playing).
Arse Statue

Arse Statue


To top the day off, we went to Ryans Irish Bar (sorry, I know it`s a gaijin bar, and I try not to frequent them, but it was St. Patricks Day – although to be honest, don`t think I`ve ever celebrated that in London!).

Unlike most Irish pubs, this one was on the 7th floor of a large building (the one behind the band in the picture), and appeared more authentically Irish than the ones in central London – it even had 2 Irish bar staff!
Most of the clientele were American or Japanese though. Great fun all night, including a singing accoustic duo, who were good fun, changing some lyrics to songs to suit the occasion, e.g. “There`s a gaijin next to you, looking for someone to do” – can`t remember what the song was, or original lyrics mind.

Any way, much beer later, headed home. Fun day out.

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