Valentines Day in Japan

Bit different in Japan. It`s the day for ladies to buy or make chocolate for their boyfriends/husbands/or wannabe boths. Blokes don`t have to do anything (unless your girlfriend has lived in England a while and prefers the Western way, of mutual present exchange).

The night before we went to a department store in Kobe (after getting my multiple re-entry permit in my passport – essential if I want to leave and come back without losing my work visa – Japan is very well organised, and efficient except when it comes to dealing with foreigners and in particular immigration, very ramshackle set up, very confusing (I had a japanese speaker with me, and it was still confusing!), and some might say perhaps deliberately so…), anyway, back to the department store.

Went up to the chocolate floor, and it`s just rammed full of women pondering over very expensive chocolate for their loved one (who I`m fairly sure, don`t get as excited over chocolate as we all know women do). Apart from one guy selling chocolate (and not doing that good a job, as no-one was looking at his wares), I was the only man in the place. And pretty sure my girlfriend was the only women in the area who got a box of chocolates bought for her there that day.

In case you`re thinking that`s maybe a bit sexist, or feeling sorry for the women who don`t get much out of this deal…someone invented White day, March 14th, when the men who received the chocolates have to buy the women something back (jewellery, clothes, etc.), so don`t panic, they get the better end of the stick eventually.

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