Settling In

My orientation didn`t start till the Monday after I arrived so I had a few days to get settled in.

This consisted of buying a cool dvd/hdd/video combi thing, which is great (although only know how to record on hdd at the moment, due to the thick manual being in Japanese!), ordered this laptop (went to a computer shop for foreigners in Osaka, so managed to get Japanese and English windows installed), and bought a lot of stuff in the 100Yen shop.

These are kinda like the pound shops back home (but are actually 50p, and not just full of crap). You can buy stuff like mugs, glasses, stationary, kitchen utensils, dvds, pc games and even underwear and ties. Some stuff do go up in price to about ¥300 (1 squid 50!), so obviously you have to be careful 😉

Ate some ramen, some fantastic sushi – the difference from London “sushi” is staggering, yaki-tori and lots more.

Spent a lot of time wandering round supermarkets, going “cool! Gotta try that!” or “ooh, is that the insides of a squid?”.
I wasn`t going to go on about how expensive Japan is, because to be honest, having lived in London, Japan is cheap! (If you know where to look).
But my girlfriend did take me to a posh supermarket in her town, where we saw a 50 pound (as in price! 10,000Y) melon!! And a tray of about 10 strawberries for 25quid! I`m gonna try and get a picture of it. It`s just a melon! Not even made out of gold, or anything. Guess someone must buy them though…

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