Nova Training – if that’s what you can call it

Had my orientation and training this week at Nova. The orientation was at the headquarters in Namba, Osaka,and was very intimidating. Think they did it on purpose just to try and freak us out. Gaijin acting very serious and formal, very Japanese, lining us all up, one takes your passport, the other takes your tax form, etc. then we were sent to our allocated seats where we found out where our schools are going to be, and where the training is to be held.

Things relaxed a bit after that, as we were shown lots of slides about how to live in Japan, how to wear a suit, and how not to upset your Japanese neighbours.

Glad it was over.

The next day, training started. 3 days of training and you`re sent out to your main branch. By the end of the first day, you`re made to teach the first 20 minutes of a lesson (they`re 40minutes long in total)! Very stressful. The next 2 days consisted of a total of 7 full lessons, all except one are observed by the trainer (a very nice lady from Manchester), which obviously adds to the pressure. Was kinda getting the hang of it towards the end – main problem being my timing – you have to finish at 40 minutes, which takes some practice.

Didn`t feel very confident or prepared for going to my main branch, but had no choice. At least I had the Friday off, to relax a bit, before starting work proper on the Saturday.

One of the most stressful weeks I`ve had in years, wouldn`t like to go through that again.

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