Nikon and the Nice Man in Osaka

Just last week, I was going to walk on down to the sea, which is not far from my place (mountains on one side, sea on the other, nice), and take some photos with my new Nikon D50 camera that I bought as a little treat for myself before coming to Japan.
All going well, until about 5 minutes from my house, the camera slipped off the strap and landed face down on the pavement. It didn`t seem to like this much, the glass lens protector shattering and the metal bending so the screw mechanism buggered up and couldn`t get it off the main lens! 🙁

Took it to a local camera shop, and there was much shaking of heads and fast spoken Japanese, and 10,000Y (50quid) just to try to get it off, then possible 25000Y to fix.
Crikey I thought in my best Beano voice.
The man did recommend that I try to prise all the glass out, and maybe it would be easier to unscrew, so I went home and tried that. It wasn`t.

My girlfriend found a Nikon store on the internet, that`s in Umeda-Osaka, so she phoned them up, and we were off to see them the next day.
What a great place 🙂 Very nice man, had a look at it, said not to worry, he`d check it out, come back in an hour.

Did that, and discovered he`d taken the lens cover off, even replaced the end of the main lens with a new bit of metal (where I`d scratched it), cleaned it, and put it in a nice plastic bag. Not only that, the extremely nice Nikon man, didn`t want any money!
Just a smile and a thankyou. He was lovely!

If you`re ever in Osaka and you want a camera or there`s something wrong with yours, go see him! He`s in Umeda, near the Outback restaurant.
Looks like I`m buying Nokia for the rest of my life! Great service.

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