Gay Biker Poohsan

There`s this guy in Japan, who`s currently causing quite a stir…can`t remember his name, but he goes about in tight black leather shorts, black leather vest, leather cowboy hat and sunglasses, and sings and dances a lot.
Like some Village Person gone East. He`s a bit of a sensation at the moment in Japan (rather like the fella that would point at people and say “GETS!” was a couple of years ago – if that doesn`t make much sense, don`t worry, don`t think it`s supposed to). He seems to be advertising everything from job agencys, to porn shops.
This is all well and good, and good luck to the fella, but I spotted something a little disturbing yesterday, walking through Kobe…his influence is spreading…

Hard Gay Winnie The Pooh

Hard Gay Winnie The Pooh

I may be wrong, but fairly sure the Japanese written on the window in Katakana, is:
“Hard Gay Pooh”

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