Driving in Japan

Went for a drive in Japan for the first time this week. Bit scary, as I can`t read all the road signs, and the traffic light system is slightly different to England, but overall it was ok. Actually it was pretty easy, as I just drove down one straight road, all the way to Denny`s for breakfast, then a bit further on to the Bowling centre.

My girlfriends`s got a nice BMW, and it`s automatic, so that took some getting used to (as previously only really driven small, manual cars!).

Japanese drivers seem to be much more patient than in England, the left hand lane being used for turning left, and sometimes parking, and none of the drivers behind seem to mind, slowing down, or slowly overtaking you, something that I can imagine annoying most drivers in London.

To be honest the hardest part of it all was reversing back into her parking space at her apartment. This being Japan, and space being limited, her parking space is below 2 other cars, so you have to wait while the lift that the other 2 cars are parked on raises up to reveal the spare slot below them. Not a lot of room to maneouver, and it took me a good 10 minutes to back it in. (in my defence it was at night, and raining, and I couldn`t actually see the sides of the lift…excuses, excuses).

Wanted to drive in forwards, but apparently that`s not allowed. Might be easier in daytime though.

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