Bowling In Japan

One thing about the Japanese is that they have small fingers. This can pose a few problems for a gaijin with “normal” (fatter) fingers, when trying to find a bowling ball. In the end I gave up, and just tried to bowl with the ends of my fingers and the top of my thumb for grip.
Not that I`m any good at bowling anyway, but this hampered my ability a little bit more (only managing to get over 100 on the last of three games – thanks to 2 strikes with my last 2 balls!).

Great fun, and then followed up with an hour of pool, and a go on a UFO machine (the grabbing things you find at seaside resorts). The difference between the Japanese and English versions is that the Japanese don`t mind if you win, so don`t glue all the toys together to make it impossible to do. In fact, the one I had a go on, was piled high with Star Wars bottle top caps, piled so high in fact that a few of them were teetering over the edge of the hole, only kept at bay by luck, and the weight of others behind.

Me being the wily sort, decided that instead of trying to pick them up, I`d just use the grabber to bang them down the hole, which I did, and now am the proud owner of Yoda, Anakin, and 2 droids. yay.

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