Arrival In Japan

At last, found time to add an entry! Arrived in Japan just over 2 weeks ago, and beginning to settle in.

The flight was fine, nothing much to note, saw a couple of crap movies (4 Brothers, Rebound), and JAL have a camera on the nose of the plane so you can see the take off and landing! Which was quite groovy on take off, but a little scary when landing, especially seeing as Osaka airport is on a small island and the runway starts right at one end, so you fly in over the water, and hit land at the last minute.

Anyway, immigration and customs were fine (even tried a little Japanese – not sure if it helped though).
Customs guy wanted to search my suitcases, but only went through one, when I told him I was going to be a Nova English teacher, he seemed to lighten up a little, and didn`t bother going through my big case. Not that there was anything for him in there, but meant it didn`t take so long.

My girlfriend was on the other side of the customs doors, and it was soooo great to see her again.

We drove home, and I unpacked a little before we went out to get some yaki-tori. Unfortunately my favourite yaki-tori place closes on Wednesdays 🙁 so we found another.

Good to be here at last!

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