Mika Bomb and Delphian Complex

Well, not written for a long, long time. Been busy…
had tea at the ritz, followed by seeing MikaBomb and the Delphian Complex at Islington Academy (a day of contrasts, and fun). MikaBomb were a little disappointing (second time I’ve seen them, first was much better), but the Delphian Complex were definitely a band to keep an eye out for. Some great songs, and guitar, reminiscent of the Stone Roses at time, or maybe I was drunk.

Also saw Hard-Fi at the Astoria. Great gig! True rock gods in the making 😉
Buy their album and make them huge!

Did some other stuff, but mainly left work, and in 3 hours I’m moving to Japan to start a new life with my girlfriend, and become an English teacher. So not much then 😀

I’ll be keeping this more regularly updated in Japan, to let everyone know the trauma and excitement of that so strange of countries.
And no doubt it’ll involve lots of pictures of fantastic food.

Next time I post it’ll be from Kobe, so wish me luck.

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