Mudhoney in Camden

Saw this bunch of what now must be bordering on middle age, long hairs the other week, as they thrashed their way through their first album “Superfuzzbigmuff“.
Splendid it was too. Lots of head banging and crowd surfing (no surfing for me however, takes me too long to take my shoes off). Good fun all round, although the encore of their early singles seemed to leave most of the audience wondering what they were playing and how did they manage to get an album deal with that racket.

A nice day out in Camden all told, and a stabbing pain in my right ear, where I got it pierced in the cartilage.
Still hurts, and annoyingly, my girfriend had hers done at the same time, and hers was healed after 3 days!
Mine’s 2 weeks and I can only now sleep on it.
Guess my ears aren’t as tough as I thought…

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